Distributor training to support customers

Filtermist's team in India welcomed Applications Engineers from Mumbai based distributor Hemant Tools PVT Ltd to its warehouse in Pune last week for technical training on Filtermist oil mist collectors.

Absolent Air Care Group's Country Manager for India, Satish Mahajan, comments, "We delivered a wide range of training which included product selection, installation tips, and maintenance advice. We recognise how important it is that our customers invest in the best Filtermist unit for their specific requirements so educating our distributors on how to select the best unit is very important.

"Filtermist has been established for over 50 years and in that time has established many best practices for installation to ensure the units perform to the standard required by customers. As a mechanical machine with moving parts, it is also important that customers understand how frequently the unit should be serviced to make sure it continues to work effectively. Routine servicing is something customers can do themselves if they wish, or we can arrange this for them. 

"The Hemant team is very dedicated and we are very happy to be working so closely with them."

Please contact our team to find out how Filtermist oil mist collectors effectively remove oil mist particles from the air in CNC machine shops.