New ESP now available in India

Satish Mahajan, Absolent Air Care Group's Country Manager India, shares some exciting news on the availability of a brand new product for customers in India...

"In our continuous pursuit to offer clean air solutions for manufacturers in India, we are excited to announce the impending debut of our highly effective industrial air filtering system. Let me introduce you to the DVT Thunderbolt (OMU 1000) - a cutting-edge device made specifically for catching and collecting smoke and oil mist.

"This new product line is an extension of our existing Filtermist and Absolent range of solutions to cater to some specific applications and needs of our customers. It's for those people who love Electrostatic Precipitators and have been waiting and asking us to bring ESPs to India. We, as Absolent Air Care Group, are the principal manufacturers and Diversitech products are coming directly from us.

"We are happy to share that DIVERSITECH THUNDERBOLT 600 (OMU 600), DIVERSITECH THUNDERBOLT 1000 (OMU 1000) & DIVERSITECH THUNDERBOLT 2000(OMU 2000) are now available in India.

"This oil mist and smoke collector has been painstakingly designed by our experts to give you a healthier and cleaner workspace - encouraging increased productivity and sustainability."

Please watch this short film to find out more:

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