Regulations concerning oil mist in the atmosphere vary from country to country, but almost all countries have some form of guidelines concerning occupational health to protect people in their place of work. Filtermist oil mist filters help companies operating machine tools to protect their employees from exposure to harmful airborne oil mist particles.

Filtermist helps MTMs worldwide protect their people from exposure to oil mist

The global production of machine tools is currently worth approximately $84 billion*, supplying a diverse range of manufacturing sectors including medical, electronics, rail and defence. With machine tools vital to every manufacturer across the globe, there is ever-growing demand across the automotive and transport manufacturing industry in particular due to increased production and sales of vehicles in recent times.

Cutting, grinding, sawing, and milling all use coolants and lubricants including emulsions or neat oil which create oil mist when applied to metal components at high pressure. Oil mist in the air can cause a range of potentially serious health risks including extrinsic allergic alveolitis so it is vital that it is removed effectively.

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