Next stop, Gujarat!

In addition to the HIMTEX show later this month, Filtermist oil mist collectors and Kerstar industrial vacuum cleaners will also be on show at the Rajkot Machine Tools show in Gujarat in September.  

Filtermist India Private Ltd will be exhibiting on Stand 17 in Hall 7 at the four-day show which runs from the 21st – 24th September.

Sales Manager Dinesh Tiwari comments, “Now covid restrictions have lifted and people are free to travel again, exhibitions are once again a really important way of showcasing the products and services that we offer to Indian manufacturers.

“Gujarat is India’s largest manufacturing hub* so is a vital market for Filtermist. Every manufacturing company that uses CNC machines should also invest in effective oil mist extraction to ensure their workers are not exposed to potentially harmful airborne oil mist particles. Using oil mist extraction also reduces the amount of polluted air that escapes into the environment as the filter collects particles and coalesces them back into liquid for re-use or disposal, whilst clean air is returned to the machine shop.

“Kerstar swarf vacuums are also highly useful for all machine shops as they can clean swarf and excess coolant from inside the machine enclosure as well as the surrounding areas without the operator having any direct contact with potentially harmful substances.

“We are really excited to have an opportunity to show potential customers the benefits of using both Filtermist and Kerstar products.”

This will be the first time Filtermist and Kerstar products will be taking part in the Rajkot show - more details about the exhibition can be found on this website:

If you would like to arrange a meeting with our team at the show, please contact us now.