F Monitor 2 & 2+ upgrades

A brand-new version of the F Monitor 2 Bluetooth app has been developed for Android devices and is now available to download from the Google Play app store. 

Filtermist’s F Monitor 2 & 2+ monitoring device, which was launched at the EMO show in Germany in 2019, advises machine operators when the Filtermist oil mist collector needs servicing and warns them of any potential blockages which may impair the performance of the unit.

The F Monitor 2+ offers additional functionality to measure vibration and motor temperature via a sensor that attaches directly to the Filtermist motor.

The F Monitor 2 includes Bluetooth connectivity that links the monitor to a dedicated app on a smart phone or tablet which allows the user to adjust the time and air flow parameters to suit particular applications.  However, an update to the Android operating system earlier this year meant that some users were experiencing issues with the original app - this new version means this issue has now been resolved.

James Stansfield, Filtermist Group CEO, comments, “Effective monitoring devices are increasingly being asked for from our customers around the world. The simple traffic light system used by our F Monitor 2 means customers are finding this a very valuable tool. As well as the new app, we have also replaced the battery with a longer life unit which offers a lifetime of 3+ years.”

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